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Why is it 21+ after 10pm?

After 10pm, we no longer serve food and are more of a bar environment.

Who do I talk to about trying to book my band to play here?

Reach out to our booking manager, Adam, at

I'm interested in having a party there, what do I do?

Please email our manager to review the details of the date, number of people, etc.

How late do you serve food on band nights?

Our kitchen stays open until 10pm. 

Are prices at the door the same as online?

No. They are $5 cheaper online.

Is there an age requirement for the concerts?

No. The concerts typically start at 9:30pm and minors may come in with their parents. However after 10pm it is 21+ to enter. When the parents leave, the minors must also.

Frequently Asked Questions

What days do you have live music?

Currently, Friday and Saturday nights.

If I purchase tickets to a show, does that guarantee me a seat?

No. Tickets are standing-room only; you must call ahead to reserve a table.

What if we are late to our reservation?

Please call. We will also attempt to contact you. If after 30 minutes we are unable to reach you, we will give your table to a ticket-holder that is waiting.

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